Get Involved


We are a friendly group, always happy to see new people (and old!).

Many Members join to show support for the Labour Party and its values. Others like to get involved locally in meetings, events, fundraising or campaigns.

All Saltburn Labour Party Members are welcome to attend our monthly meetings, and we love to see like-minded people and supporters at our events.

If you ‘d like to  join the Labour Party here, the national office will notify our Branch Membership Officer, Loll Thorne, who will be in touch to welcome you.

Or simply contact us via this website or another Member for more details.


To keep up with conversations, news and events, please join or like our Facebook pages:

Saltburn Labour Party – public page for all to see

Saltburn Branch Labour Party – Branch Members group only


We are enthusiastically engaged in campaigning for the local and national elections at the moment. If you can spare an hour or two – the more the merrier!

All Members and like-minded supporters are welcome to volunteer.

We need people to:

  • sort and package up leaflets or post
  • staff the office and answer telephones/make calls
  • post or deliver flyers and publicity door-to-door
  • telephone people or talk to/ engage people on street-stalls and at events
  • canvass door-to-door (knock and talk to residents)
  • help to fundraise
  • support social media campaigns (sharing and posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • give lifts, fetch and carry
  • use your own unique skills
  • help out other branches in other areas

Let us know via this website, our Saltburn Branch Members Facebook group, our Public Facebook page, or our Campaign office at 2 Bath Street (staffed part-time by volunteers).